Our Firm

When hiring an attorney you want the assurance that your case will be handled with the utmost professional standards and legal proficiency.  That takes an experienced and skilled staff that will know how to handle your legal issues, but will still care about you as a person.  When you are researching a Law Firm you need to carefully look at the support staff, because no matter how good the lawyer may be, the support staff will be doing much of the work and will take care of the client most of the time. We are very proud of our law firm because we work together as a professional team providing the best legal service possible to all of our clients.

Many times, an attorney will be unable or unavailable to take your call due to mediations; taking depositions; meeting with clients; or hearings and trials at the courthouse.  That is when you need to rely on the Paralegal.  The Paralegal for Karen M. Billingham, Mary Huntress, PL, is well qualified to assist you with your case and works together with her to solve your legal problems.  You can feel confident that they are seeking to find the proper solution for your particular legal issue.

If you are looking for an affordable and experienced Family Law Attorney / Lawyer for your family needs, we are well-prepared to help you. Call us at 972-682-7711, or email attorney@billinghamlaw.com to schedule an appointment with the attorney.