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We are dedicated in helping our clients understand the complex texture of the law. We believe in helping our clients protect themselves and their families’ interest and safeguarding the future of their children through hard work and ongoing communication. In order to do that, we provide representation to clients in the areas listed to the right.


An annulment occurs when a “Void” or “voidable” marriage is set aside and the result is as if the marriage never existed. Many people assume if the marriage is brief, you can get an annulment, but that is not true. To annul a marriage, the court must determine very specific issues and you should discuss the facts of your marriage with your attorney to determine if an annulment is possible. If an annulment is granted and children were born to the marriage or property was accumulated during the marriage, the court will address those issues in the same manner that they are addressed in a divorce. Annulment is not often granted and in most cases where a client wants an annulment, they actually need a divorce.