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We are dedicated in helping our clients understand the complex texture of the law. We believe in helping our clients protect themselves and their families’ interest and safeguarding the future of their children through hard work and ongoing communication. In order to do that, we provide representation to clients in the areas listed to the right.


Any order granting child custody, child support or visitation can be modified at a later date. Child Support can be increased if the person paying support is earning more money and decreased if the person is earning less money. Visitation can be limited or reduced if the visiting parent is not behaving correctly and can be increased under the right circumstances. Child custody can be changed if circumstances have changed and a change of custody is in the best interest of the child. When a child reaches the age of twelve, he or she can sign an affidavit indicating with which parent they wish to live with. These affidavits are given great weight by the courts and often lead to a change of child custody, but you should know that the Judge still has to rule on the issue of “best interest of the child” and while important, the affidavit by itself does not mean that child custody will be changed.

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